Our company; Our company, which was established in 1998 to manufacture Office Chairs and Equipment, after many years of experience in the sector, is to meet customer expectations at the highest level with the principle of "Minimum cost, maximum efficiency", which is always the goal with the slogan of "Quality, trust and stable production" in the sector with its innovative spirit. It works for.

Our company; By keeping the information flow between the customer and the customer at a high level, it follows the technological developments, combines it with its experience, plans and implements its breakthroughs towards greater goals.


To make our company competitive in the international arena.


To be in front of the future, not after it, and thus to bring added value and plus advantage to all the companies it works with.

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Office Chair Production Story

Office chair production begins with a moment where a magical journey begins. Designers design the shape, size and functionality of the seat they envision. This imagination becomes reality with the selection of materials. Woodworkers, metalworkers, and seamstresses deftly craft their materials and assemble the pieces. The fabrics are carefully cut, the seams are carefully stitched and the outer appearance of the sofa is revealed. Finally, the assembly team puts all the pieces together to create the perfect seat. The quality control process is examined for durability, functionality and aesthetics of the seats and the final touches are made. And voila! A great office chair is born. Employees in the workplace can now use these seats where they can work comfortably and increase their productivity.